Chris Mayes

About Me

A black and white portrait of me


I'm an analytical sort who's curious about everything. I'm a solid asset on trivia teams. I currently live in Colorado with my wife and cat. I'm temperamentally indoorsy, but I make an effort to take hikes when the sun isn't too high. I am constantly reading.

I work for Clarivate doing backend software development mainly on the JVM. Most of the codebase is Java, though I use Kotlin where I can. We target AWS for most of our services, though plenty still live on-premises. I use Python for scripts, automation, and small projects.

I use Ubuntu for my home machines as it's a fine, well-supported Linux distribution. My youthful adventures with trendier distributions were entertaining and educational, but I favor a platform that I don't need to think about, these days.

Most of my home projects start in Python (e.g. Spotcrates) and may move to the JVM for heavier work. I'm starting to investigate Rust as it seems to be maturing as a choice for efficient, performant software. I'd held off pursuing it as I'd chased many early-stage languages and frameworks that turn out to be short-lived.

About This Page

As part of my interest in Rust, I've decided to give Zola a try for static site generation. It's mainly Markdown with no need for any Rust coding on my part, but it is a supported tool for building and deploying to Cloudflare Pages, so I'm giving it a try. Thanks to Justin Tennant for creating the Papaya Zola theme, thus saving me from the pain of creating my own website layout.