Chris Mayes

The Seventh Time's the Charm

I've lost count of the times I've started writing a blog, and here I'm giving it yet another try. I see a building backlash against commercial social platforms and I heartily approve and agree.

My latest impulse to blog was a cascade kicked off by Google's announcement that they were shutting down Domains and selling off the assets to Squarespace. This led me to research alternate domain hosting providers and saw that Cloudflare's relatively new offering has been well-received. As I was moving, I noticed that Cloudflare had a free static site hosting service offering named Pages.

Pages seems promising. I like that they have a fairly straightforward build and deployment pipeline that can pull from my Github project. I'm always a little suspicious of free things from for-profit enterprises, but I can see how their cost would be negligible given the scale of their infrastructure. It's also pretty trivial to deploy this site on any other static-page server.

I've lost track of the many attempts I've made at writing a blog. In college, I had a DiaryLand account. Glad to see it's still a going concern! I lost my credentials decades ago. I self-published a Blosxom blog from my desktop for a while. My WordPress and Tumblr accounts are still around, last updated in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

I think my interim public content went to Google Plus (RIP), Twitter (briefly), and Discord. I still use the last a bit. I started using Mastodon in November 2022 with the first wave of people leaving Twitter. I plan on posting short/silly things there and using this blog for longer-form entries.

It's time to see about actually getting this thing published. Wish me luck!